KTM EXC 450 Individual Dekor KTM EXC 450 Individual Dekor

Rush racing be different!

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Husqvarna FE 450 Individual Dekor
Have you had an idea for an individual decor for a long time that you can't let go of?

Your dream is waiting!

No idea is too complex or complicated for us

Supermoto & Offroad Dekor Kits

We are your partner when it comes to standing out from the crowd! With us you get decors that no one else can offer you. Colors, patterns, details, nothing is too bizarre or complex for us! No matter for which motorcycle whether supermoto, motocross or enduro. We offer you decors that stay viral and in your head! We also offer you individual decors with your touch & your idea! With us, the work only ends when you are satisfied!

We can offer you our series decors from our shop for every motorcycle at no extra charge! If your bike does not appear in our selection, do not hesitate to write to us. We're happy to help!

Du suchst etwas ganz besonderes?

Husqvarna FE 450 2016 Individual Dekor

Individual decor

Your individual decor is waiting!

Individual decors are handmade by us down to the smallest detail. Any idea that floats in your head, we can realize for you!

Getting started
KTM EXC 300 Individual Dekor

Individual decor

How about some chrome?

We offer you to work chrome into your individual decor.

It should shine
Husqvarna FE 450 Grenzgänger

Individual decor

Or should it shine?

We also offer you to make your individual decor shine with neon!

It should shine

about us

We have been represented in the motocross and supermoto scene for years. Rushracing was founded in 2014 as a hobby. It started as a great passion for the extraordinary and the desire to break away from what is standardized. Since then it's been like an addiction. The addiction to create decors that nobody could have imagined before.
Decors that go viral and stick in your head, where you look forward to looking at your own motorcycle every day.

We have been working hand in hand with Motostyles for several years now, because we simply want to offer the best quality that is possible. And Motostyles is simply the partner we can trust in this matter.

Our motto is simple. No idea or imagination can be extraordinary enough, you just have to start.