With us you can have all decors adapted to each model. And that even without extra charge !
So choose the design you want, just enter your model in the options menu and you're good to go. If you are still unsure, you can of course add a tick to the preview. Then we will of course send you a preview image of the decor of your choice tailored to your model before the whole production process starts!

No! Definitely not. Rights to an individual decor belong equally to us and the customer. The decor is only produced again at the customer's request or with his consent. However, we reserve the right to use assets (patterns, backgrounds, etc.) in other decors. Since assets are usually more expensive in terms of time and resources than the decor itself.

No! Spare part productions are no problem for us. However, we charge a service fee of 30 euros in addition to the production costs of the parts. If the decor is completely destroyed, we will give a 15% discount on the complete decor if the same email or account is used and we can trace an identical order to the replacement order in the past.

This also applies if the design is no longer available in the shop or if it is an individual decor. We will keep decor files for at least 5 years after ordering

Yes, that's no problem. Just tick the box with Design preview. Then we send a picture by mail.

This depends on the current order situation. The picture will be made as soon as possible and sent by email!

Decors from our shop normally take 7-14 days. If an image has been requested, this may take longer. We ask every customer who has requested a picture of his decor to reply to the email with this picture as soon as possible

We now have templates for a number of models from the last 15-20 years. With the exception of a few, we are able to convert decors from our shop for almost every model. Simply select the motorcycle model from the list or send us an email.

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Nevertheless, if such an order has been placed, we ask that you express any change requests regarding the model lettering or possible logos at the end of the order with additional information.

Changes are no problem! But we need information about this as soon as possible.

However, if an order is to be cancelled, we have already completed the production process. We reserve the right to withhold 70 euros for decors without special colours. There is a fee of 150 euros for decors with special colours.

In the case of individual productions, we then reserve the right to sell the decor in the shop or elsewhere in the event of a recall.

Yes, that's basically no problem. However, we reserve the right not to use certain company logos.

No, there is no decor company that has been legally authorized to do this. Worldwide! The customer and the company themselves make themselves legally responsible for the production of one of these logos without the authorization of the rights holder!

Unfortunately, we are currently not able to incorporate KTM or Husqvarna logos into decals. It is still possible if the sponsor or KTM-Husqvarna itself has given permission.

We only produce Grenzgänger decors with the permission/consent of Grenzgänger/Querly themselves. However, this may add a longer production time to the decor, as Grenzgänger reserves the right to make changes themselves.

Yes, that is possible. We have an extra product for this in Adaptations. If we don't have the right plastics in stock or available in our online shop. Can these be ordered from us? If already used plastic parts have to be sent in and used. We reserve the right to request an extra amount of at least 50 euros.